Make it simple to record time - get your timesheets on time by making it easy to do

Recording time is something most people would just skip if they could. So let's make it as simple as we can:

  • for you - just supply some basic details and your system is ready to use
  • for them - just log-in from anywhere, any time, at work, at home

If you just want to see what it looks like, take a trip to
Demo Farm and see how they record timesheets there. Its a FREE timesheet acount in action.

"When we introduced this people were delighted how easy it was to complete their timesheet figures. We have used it for four years now and it does a great job."

Ian Bowen - TIA Systems

"We have 5 years worth of data for over 120 people and getting the figures we need is quick and easy."

Ahmad Mosa - Overture Systems

Define the activities people do
People who record time understand activities. It's what they do. So you can describe them that way. No need to make it complicated, you can assign categories to activities to tie in with project reporting or billing.

Set up budgets to monitor activity
Set up budgets for an activity or category of activities and monitor time allocated, down to an individual person if you wish. With a visual progress bar you can quickly see how the budget is being used.

Categorize activities for analysis and selection
Apply multiple ways of defining activity to match time tracking to other systems or billing needs. Make changes whenever you want and see the results reflected in all historical data.

Overview all timesheets to see where time is recorded
Just looking is the easiest way to see where details are completed or not. Color coding highlighs short or missing data. Or get a quick view of time spent on a project or a customer, and who recorded it.

Export data into a convenient spreadsheet
Export data using a range of selections and summary levels. Export into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Manage group members
Choose what each of the members of your group can do, and bar access when members leave.

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